Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Goals For The Week of Sept. 24, 2012

So, I've been spending a little time trying to adjust to my new schedule and responsibilities. It's so true how time waits for no one! It's the third week of school and Baby Boy is off to middle school
Baby Girl is a fourth grader

...........and I have a mountain of things to do! This school year I am the PTA President of Baby Girl's elementary school, as well as the Co-Teacher of her Fourth Grade Sunday School class (which averages between 25-35 students per week!) Whew, what was I thinking?!?!?! Well, for starters I am going to repeat Phillipians 4:13 multiple times each day! Lol! 

Now, more than ever I need to make sure that I set my goals and work on them every day. So here are my top 10 goals for the week:

Personal Goals:
1. Continue reading through the Bible.
2. Take vitamin everyday.

Family Goals:
3. Prepare clothes the night before.
4. Have a family movie or game night.

Home Management Goals:
5. Declutter/Organize for 30 minutes per day Monday-Friday.
6. Make monthly donation to Purple Heart.

Business Goals:
7. Blog regularly.

8. Do invoices for hubby.

Ministry/Volunteer Goals:
9. Send out at least 2 cards/letters of encouragement.
10. Send home PTA paperwork.

So those are my top ten, but of course I have many more things that I need to do this week. What's on your to-do list? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Happy Monday!

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