Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ant-Procrastination Day!!!

Good Afternoon!  How have you been? I've been off enjoying spring break with the kiddos, but I desperately need to get back to work and back on track! Let's make today Anti-Procrastination Day!

What have you been putting off that you really need to do? I have a more than a few things on my list! I've been dragging my feet on posting because I've been away for so long, but today's the day! No more procrastinating! I took a look at my goals for the year for my quarterly check up and I need to get on the ball! I'm going to post my "To-Done List" later on tonight. In the meantime figure out what you need to do and just do it! I'm quite sure you won't have to think too hard, because, just like me, I'm sure you keep thinking, "Oh, I have to _(fill in the blank!)_"

So what is it? A phone call? An email? Cleaning out the car? Laundry? Cleaning out the fridge or the microwave? Working out? Whether it's a 5 minute task or a 30 minute task, take the time today to just get it done! After you're finished you will feel so relieved and accomplished! So what are you going to do today? Leave a comment below to either let me know what you plan to do, or what you were able to cross off your to-do list today. I'd love to hear from you! Again, I'll share later today what I was able to do.


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