Wednesday, February 20, 2013

** Weekly Goals February 17 - 23, 2013 **

I have been off track with my goals the past few weeks, and even this week this post is a few days late! But being sick and still trying to get things done without writing out my list has left me feeling like a lot is still undone :( So this week, I'm getting back on track (even if it is a few days late) and writing out what I need to do so that I can start crossing items off my list! So here's what I have planned for this week:


1.Continue Bible Reading Plan Week 4 (found here)
2. Reading List
  • Finish reading Safe In His Arms by Colleen Coble
  • Read Chapter 2 of Revelation for Community Group Study 

3. Train for my next 5k for 2 days this week (On another note, I completed my first 5k on Saturday!!!!!
My t-shirt and bib number!

Yaaay! 1 down 3 more to go. My official time was 45 minutes 10 seconds. Not too bad, being that I did not train like I should have because I was sick the two weeks before the race. But I know I can do better and hope to improve my time each race.)

4. Take down Valentine's Day decorations and decorate for St. Patrick's Day.


5. Read chapter 3 of American Girl: Meet Cecile. (Yeah, we're still reading this book!)

6. Have a family fun/game or movie night.
7. Celebrate baby boy's birthday!

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family/Volunteer

8. Send 1 card of encouragement.

9. Continue working on PTA work (Parents Club invite & events for the rest of the year.)


10. Blog daily.
Not too daunting of a list - I don't think ;) Hopefully I will be able to get this done. I will keep plugging away and I will update you on Monday!
What are your plans for the rest of this week? Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!



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