Thursday, October 11, 2012

** Check Your Email For an Offer From JCP! **

Are you currently on the JCPenney email list? If so check your inbox for an email from JCPenney! The email's subject line is, "A Letter And Gift From Our CEO" and contains a coupon for a $10 off $10 purchase! The coupon expires Sunday, November 4th. I'm not sure what kind of sales are currently running, due to the big changes that they have made this year; but I'm quite sure that you should be able to pick up something for free or extremely inexpensive with this coupon (depending on what you are looking to purchase!) Boy, do I miss the regular JCP coupons, but this is just the right incentive to get me back into the store!! ;) So check your emails, I hope you have a coupon waiting for you!

If you have a coupon, let me know by leaving a comment below and let me know if you snag a great deal!


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