Monday, April 22, 2013

*Free 8x10 Canvas Photo (Just Pay S&H!)*

What a great Mother's Day gift! Currently you can get a free 8x10 Canvas Photo from the Canvas People for free, just pay shipping and handling or you can take $50 off of any other size! Shipping and handing for the 8x10 is approximately $14.95. Just head over here to create your photo canvas! Ordering is simple - just download your photo (select size and if you would like effects applied to your picture,) input your contact information and your payment information. Three easy steps!
You must place your order by April 26, 2013 to have it in time for Mother's Day. But whether you order it for Mother's Day or not, it will add a special touch to any home!
Here's a list of the available sizes and prices:
8x10 High Demand!     $49.99     free!  + s&h
11x11                         $66.99    $16.99 + s&h
11x14                          $67.99    $17.99 + s&h
16x16                         $81.99    $31.99 + s&h
9x27                           $84.99    $34.99 + s&h
16x20 Best Value!        $91.99    $41.99 + s&h
18x24                        $102.99    $52.99 + s&h
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