Tuesday, January 1, 2013

*** Goals for 2013!! ***

It is a new year; a chance to make new goals and work toward achieving them. Last year I had a partial list of goals for 2012. Among the items on the list were:

1) Read the entire Bible (didn't finish)
2) Get organized (not so much)
3) Complete four (4) 5k's (Done! Yay!!!)
4) Redecorate Baby Girl's room (Done! Yay!!!)
5) Redecorate Baby Boy's room (did not do)
I had so much more that I wanted to do, some things I accomplish and some things were forgotten since I didn't write them down. So this year to help with accountability; here's my list for 2013:
-Read through the entire Bible this year.
-Read 24 books.
-Complete four (4) 5k's.
-Establish and follow a schedule.
-Get Organized!
-Establish chores and consistently use Chore Charts.
-Get out and go on new adventures! (at least 1 per month)
-Read 12 books together.
-Have a game/movie night each week.
-Redecorate Baby Boy's room.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family/Volunteering
-Continue being involved in our local church.
-Write and send at least 2 notes or cards to encourage someone each month.
-Plan/schedule volunteering time each week.
-Fill four (4) shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

-Establish and follow Office Hours for the business/blogging time each day.
-Establish and follow a weekly blogging plan.
-Write and schedule blog posts at least a week in advance.

-Create and follow a budget.
-Tithe 10% of income.
-Fully fund an Emergency Fund.
-Start couponing again to save as much as possible.

So those are my goals for 2013! What are your goals for the upcoming year? Feel free to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!



  1. I think you have beautiful goals for 2013. I will check back regularly to see how you are progressing with your goals. I believe your blog posts will be an indicator.

  2. Thank you! And thank you for stopping by. I will post updates on my progress monthly.

  3. We have some similar goals:) Good Luck! Stopping through from Bloggy Moms. New Follower:)

  4. Thank you! Best wishes on accomplishing your goals this year! I will head over to check out your blog and goals.

  5. You're going to complete 4 5k races?! Wow, superstar!

  6. That's my plan! :) I am attending an informational meeting tonight for my first 5k in 2013! I'm excited!