Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anti-Procrastination Day!!

Good Morning! I'm declaring today anti-procrastination day! What have you been putting off that you really need to do? A phone call? An email? Cleaning out the car? Laundry? Cleaning out the fridge? Whether it's a 5 minute task or a 30 minute task, take the time today to just get it done! After you're finished you will feel so relieved and accomplished! So what are you going to do today? Leave a comment below to either let me know what you plan to do, or what you were able to cross off your to-do list today. I'd love to hear from you! I'll share later today what I was able to do.



Were you able to get anything done? I hope so! Today was a busy day for me, but I was able to complete a few of the things that have been taunting my peace! Today I:
1) Completed 3 flyers for the PTA
2) Recycled 31 magazines!

(I'm trying to clear out some clutter! I keep seeing commercials for the show Hoarders and I think, it had to start somewhere. What if it started with a stack of papers or magazines! So my old magazines are outta here. I have some more to get rid of, but that was a start. I'm afraid to watch an entire episode of Hoarders; I think that would definitely scare me into minimalism!)

What were you able to accomplish. Leave a comment below :)


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