Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Goals February 5-11, 2012

Personal Goals:
1.  Continue reading through the Bible The Chronological Plan (weeks 2 & 3)
2.  Take vitamin everyday
3.  Drink 6 glasses of water everyday {I averaged about 4 glasses a day}
4.  Practice Piano at least 5 days this week {this didn't go well at all}
5.  Train for 5k at least 3 days this week {um, this was a flop, I didn't train at all :(}
6.  Read at least half of The Someday List (up to page 115)
7.  Continue reading Twisting the Truth and The Resolution for Women
8.  Skincare Routine 2x per day
9.  Haircare Routine daily

Family Goals:
1.  Pray for hubby everyday
2.  Complete days 19-25 in the Love Dare devotional
3.  Pray for baby boy and baby girl everyday
4.  Read with baby boy and baby girl everyday {this was sooo fun!}
5.  Memorize a Bible verse for the week {I chose the verse, but failed to give it to the children! :(}
6.  Have a Family Fun/Game Night or Movie Night

Home Management Goals:
1.  Make Weekly Menu Plan by Sunday and post to blog on Monday
2.  Clear out baby girl's room and paint {almost done clearing out, pics to come soon!}
3.  Complete Weekly Home Blessing (learn more @ by Wednesday {did not complete at all}
4.  Declutter/Organize for 30 minutes per day Monday-Friday

Business Goals:
1.  Log all receipts for January and total {gathered them together, just need to log them}
2.  Blog consistently
3.  Enter invoices into Quickbooks for hubby {need to sit down with hubby and complete}

Ministry Goals:
1.  Send out at least 4 cards (thank you, thinking of you & sympathy)

***** Update: So I believe I could have accomplished more if I had effectively managed my time. I guess that's the whole point of accomplishing your goals.  I will definitely be more intentional about time management this week!!! *****

So those of you who know me, know that I love to plan; but sometimes a lot of times my follow through doesn't happen. Recently, I've been encouraged by Crystal over at Money Saving Mom and other bloggers to set little goals that work towards your big picture goals.  This year I plan to successfully follow through on the goals that I have set for 2012.  I hope that this blog will help to hold me accountable to the goals and plans that I have.  Do you have any goals for this week that you would like to share? If so, leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about them!

I'll be checking in each week to let you know how my weekly goals turned out and to give you the new goals for each week. So check back, better yet, follow me.............



  1. You have posted some wonderful goals! I pray for my hubby and son daily, but I love how you have made an intentional goal to pray for them.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Carol! I hope to accomplish them :) That is a tip that I learned from one of my ladies Bible Study groups and it was also reinforced in the Love Dare devotional.